Name Tags:

The Chapter has a local vendor, and if you desire a name tag, and we encourage all members to have one, we order them for a $10 donation. It is a great way for other members to remember your name, and it helps us market our chapter and MOAA at events. They have have a magnetic backing so no holes in clothing.  Let our Treasurer or a member of our Board and we will support you.

MOAA Certificates of Appreciation:

If you want to recognize a local business, or an individual for special support of our Fort Benning Chapter, there are certificates of appreciation available from the Chapter President. Simply contact him for the certificates.

MOAA Shirts and Caps:

Go to the MOAA National web site and check our their store for specialty items.  We have a Chapter Shirt and it can be ordered, once a quarter.  These are a specially designed Golf Shirt.