Gov. Brian Kemp came to the National Infantry Museum in Columbus, Ga, and home of Ft Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence, to sign four bills that impact military service members,
veterans and their families, and these represent a Georgia Income Tax Victory for Military Retirees.  Thank you Governor Kemp, and the Georgia Legislature.

April 18th, 2022, the long-awaited HB 1064, Military Retiree Ga Income Tax Exemption, was finally… duly signed. Although not fully tax exempt; the bill allows those veterans who
served 20 years, are 62 or older, to be eligible for up to a $17,500 break in Ga state military retirement income tax. These veterans are also eligible for an additional $17,500 exemption if they are employed and earn up to $17,500.

Georgia has over 700,000 military and veterans and is surrounded by states who do offer military income tax exemption. Many Georgia military veterans move to those states to take advantage of the
tax exemptions offered to their families. Gov Kemp stated that Georgia has many great veterans, and that this is a way to say Thank You, and to keep these retirees with their knowledge and skilled training to find their second careers within Georgia! This is also a Georgia workforce development issue., as the state wants to be competitive to encourage the military retirees to choose to stay in Georgia.

Governor Kemp also signed three additional veteran-support bills HB 884, SB 96, and SB 87 Columbus-area lawmakers sponsored several of the bills. Republican House Rules Chairman Richard
Smith, was one of six cosponsors for the income tax exemption. Democratic Sen. Ed Harbison, a member of our Fort Benning MOAA Chapter, cosponsored both state Senate bills.

(Photo is Gov & Mrs Kemp; Barry Gardner, GA MOAA; and Biff Hadden, Ft Benning MOAA)