Award Information:

The Fort Benning Chapter submits annually to MOAA National, for Chapter recognition.  Based on annual recruiting and retention of members, as well as programs, the Chapter can be recognized with either a 4 Star or 5 Star streamer recognizing the overall quality of the Chapter.  Since we are the Fort Benning Chapter, we strive to lead by Example, but that means all members should strive to help and support their chapter to the best of their ability.  In October 2014, our Chapter received from MOAA National a 4 STAR Streamer for Outstanding Accomplishments.

The Chapter submits a packet to the Georgia MOAA Council for recognition, and this packet can be for the annual program, or a special initiative.  We are always looking for great new ideas.  The Chapter received the Chapter Award Program streamer from Georgia MOAA for the 2013-2014 program year.

ROTC:  The Chapter awards a ROTC Leadership Medal and certificate annually to an outstanding Cadet in the MS III program at Columbus State University.  The Chapter presents a Saber to the DMG for each year.  The presentation was made May 19, to 2LT _________.

JROTC:  The Chapter awards a JROTC Medal and Certificate to one of the outstanding Cadets in each of 18 High School JROTC Programs, in Georgia and Alabama, that are supported by our Chapter.

WHINSEC:  Distinguished US Military Graduate, MAJ Dave Scott, US Army SF, received a Saber from our Chapter for being the DMG.